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Minox Leica IIIf

The photos below are of the Minox miniature Leica IIIf.

The camera in made in Japan for Minox and is very similar to the Megahouse Sharan version. You can draw your own conclusuon as to who actually manufactures it.

There are differences, the writing on the baseplate, the small button to the side of the lens, the serial number, the packaging, the plate on the back of camera and the name on the lens.

The camera is packed in a wooden box, "silk" lined box, and comes with one roll of minocolor film. The photos below are taken with the camera standing on the box.

The camera was sourced from Germany via a UK dealer.

At the time of writing (3 Oct 2000) Leica UK have received no stock of the camera for sale, in fact they hadn't seen an example.

Leica UK list a number of accessories, flash, case, lens cap, strap and case however as yet none of these are available.

As yet I have not put a film through the camera.

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m1.jpg (35463 bytes)

Front of camera showing the Minoctar 15mm 1:5.6 lens (three elements,fixed focus)

m2.jpg (29566 bytes)

Back of camera showing the bulge required and the name plate (Minox - Leica IIIf type - Classic Collection)

m3.jpg (30920 bytes)

Top plate - Serial Number 525001 (are they all the same?)

m6.jpg (31915 bytes)

Base showing flash connection, tripod bush, opening catch and the legend moulded in the metal - Manufactured in Japan for Minox GmbH

m4.jpg (30115 bytes)

Base plate removed showing the film chamber

m5.jpg (33637 bytes)

More detail of the film chamber