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Riga151xxc.jpg (75361 bytes)

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The Minox Riga is probably the most desirable Minox. Invented by Walter Zapp and manufactured by VEF in Latvia. First introduced as a production camera in 1938 the Riga paved the way for a long line of classic Minoxes. The camera is much heavier than the post war cameras because of the brass chassis and stainless steel body.  The camera featured above is in the 151xx serial number range and was probably made in 1941. It is complete with box and pouch. 


Rigsxxd.jpg (69401 bytes) Camera S/N 151xx in its pouch

 Riga15xxc.jpg (76881 bytes) The reverse side of the camera shown above showing the most common markings. Made in Latvia, Patented.

Riga83xx.jpg (89049 bytes) Minox Riga in the 83xx serial number range. Unfortunately this one is missing its shutter blade. The box has a different finish to the one shown above.

159xx.jpg (67315 bytes) Incomplete, part assembled camera with factory box. Taken from the production lines in Latvia. These cameras are found in various stages of construction, this one has its lens but is missing shutter blade and viewfinder.

Riga_tripod_adaptor.jpg (74319 bytes)  The Riga tripod adapter

RigaInsta.jpg (59560 bytes) Minox Riga instruction book in Latvian language

Rigainstb.jpg (31372 bytes) Inside the instruction book

RigaNeg.jpg (69171 bytes) Riga Negative folder

RigaGuarantee.jpg (89629 bytes)  Minox Riga guarantee card, this one is for camera S/N 8665

Rigafilm.jpg (72399 bytes) Riga film. The tin contains two cassettes, the film was also available singly in the cardboard sleeves shown